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Products, fashion, lifestyle, DIY


With one look at Natalia’s quirky and colorful Pinterest page, it’s easy to see why more than 1.1 million people choose to follow this Barcelona-based illustrator and graphic designer. At once playful and pretty, her eclectic collection of boards is as original, refreshing and design-oriented as Natalia herself. She finds inspiration through the people she meets, the food she eats, and the beautiful places to which she’s traveled. Her aesthetic is vibrant, youthful and edgy, and while she focuses on fashion and product design, Natalia has a soft spot for crafting and all things handmade. Recognized as a premier authority on Pinterest in her hometown, she regularly delivers social media talks and seminars. Though she lives overseas, Natalia’s Pinterest audience has the same geographic makeup as any other influencer, with a predominant US following.

Travel, outdoors, food & drink, entertaining, women's fashion


As a mother, outdoor enthusiast, designer and photographer, Erin draws inspiration from her real-life interests in traveling, hiking, entertaining, cooking and style. Her designer’s eye and vibrant, colorful pins have earned her a Pinterest audience of over 641,000. Erin’s classic fashion sense appeals to a wide range of women, and her inspired party planning boards – which cover everything from party food to decorations to ideas around specific themes and holidays – have a loyal following all their own. And it’s her stunning travel boards – which are sprinkled with gorgeous photos from her own adventures – that she’s known for most of all.

Interior design, DIY, crafts, food & drink, entertaining, holiday


Michael is the talented interior designer, cook and crafter behind the wildly popular lifestyle blog Inspired By Charm. His endlessly imaginative recipes, DIY projects, home décor inspiration and hosting tips made it easy for him to transition his popularity from blogging to Pinterest, where he now has an audience of nearly 3.4 million. Michael’s motto in both life and design is “be who you are”, encouraging his followers to “throw away the instructions” and stay true to their individual style. His content is beautifully styled and photographed, an appealing mix of whimsy, practicality, and plenty of color. Michael’s work has been featured on Apartment Therapy, Mashable, Houzz and more, and he has an Instagram audience of nearly 15,000.


Mari is a distinguished toy designer, artist and professor, but her job as a parent is the most important of all. She uses her years of design expertise to run the blog Small for Big, a space that shares playful designs for everything under the sun - from kids toys, DIY decor, books and beyond. It’s a design blog without the pretentiousness, filled with adorable and quirky craft ideas that make the perfect bonding activity for families. Mari has designed products for notable brands such as Cranium, and even wrote and illustrated her own children’s book. While her aesthetic tends to be playful and buoyant, her creative abilities are incredibly versatile can be tailored to virtually any brand or audience.

Travel, home decor, entertaining, women's fashion


This North Carolina resident and habitual adventurer has made design more than just a hobby—it’s her entire life. Aside from running popular lifestyle blog The Fresh Exchange, Megan also owns brand studio Wild Measure with her husband and photographer, Mike. Her trademark aesthetic is clean, modern a little preppy and, true to her blog name, always fresh. Her audience especially appreciates her unique ability to bring an element of comfort and familiarity to everything she styles, from dinner parties to fashion to living rooms. It’s this hard-to-find mix of everyday cool that led The Huffington Post to name Megan as one of the top Pinterest accounts to follow, landed her numerous features in publications likeDesign*Sponge and Yahoo News, and has more than 765,000 people following her on Pinterest.

Travel, outdoors, women's fashion, DIY


This early Pinterest adopter grew her audience – which now totals over 1.1 million – with pins that reflected her adventurous, outdoorsy lifestyle and love of nature. Her content spans a variety of topics such as eco-friendly products; DIY and crafts; camping and hiking; fashion for women and kids; and travel. Her style pins have a fan base all their own, focusing on everything from music festival outfit inspiration to season-specific fashion ideas. In fact, her account was featured as one of InStyle's Best Shopping Inspirations on Pinterest. Though Katherine’s boards cover many categories, she ties them all together with the free-spirited aesthetic she’s become known for: a unique mix of earthy, classic, and bohemian. Brands seek out Katherine as a Pinterest partner for her large, loyal audience and ability to create beautiful, professional-quality photos and videos about the things she loves.

Kids, fashion, home decor


With her comprehensive background in visual arts, photography and interior design, Holly has established a style-dentity as unique as she is. Her style flawlessly pairs modern and edgy with simple and classic, an aesthetic that’s evident in her elegant collection of Pinterest boards. With an emphasis on elegant shades of black and white, clean lines and warm neutrals, Holly has grown her Pinterest following to over 3.2 million. Brands turn to Holly for her “it” factor, which is infused into all of her effortlessly cool content creation. While her cutting edge fashion sense may be what she’s best known for, she’s also a mom whose chic style extends to all things kids-related—making this Austin, TX resident well-rounded in her areas of influence.

Travel, DIY, food, humor, illustration, products


Bridgette is an avid traveler, small business owner and designer whose lust for life and adventure inspires her personal style—playful, bold and full of fun. Over 1.5 million people follow Bridgette’s Pinterest account, which features everything from original recipes to seasonal fashion styles to downright genius DIY tips and tricks. In fact, she has over 300 boards that cover almost every category imaginable! A designer and illustrator, Bridgette is sought after by brands for her cheerful, vibrant content creation that’s often infused with her signature sense of humor. She’s been named one of the top pinners to follow by numerous publications, and her designs have been featured in publications such as Apartment Therapy, Design*Spongeand InStyle.

Women's fashion, beauty, products, interior design


Founder of the popular lifestyle blog Wit & Delight, Kate is a designer and creative consultant whose eclectic perspective on style has earned her over 2.6 million Pinterest followers. Everything she touches is infused with her effortlessly quirky-cool aesthetic, including interior design, fashion and food. Whether styling a room or an outfit, Kate regularly mixes trendy with classic, preppy with edgy, and antique with modern for an intriguing look that’s very much her own.

This trademark aesthetic has been featured in national publications such as The New York Times, Lucky Magazine, Martha Stewart Living, Fast Company and Elle Décor. She’s also a regular contributor to renowned design, fashion and home décor blogs, and her social media audience includes an Instagram audience of nearly 75,000


This Nashville native is a true fashion authority, whose eye for all things chic and up-to-the-minute has earned her a loyal Pinterest fan base of over 4.6M. A design school grad and founder of The Transatlantic blog, Lauren has a signature style that often combines the unexpected: comfy and high-end, feminine and edgy. This eclectic, breezy aesthetic extends to her home and food styling as well, every photo exuding a hint of modern romance that’s unmistakably Lauren.

Her style is inspired by her life, living in the south while regularly traveling abroad (she frequents London). This geographical mash-up produces work that’s familiar yet worldly, on-trend yet timeless, and upscale yet accessible. It’s this distinct aesthetic that lets her work with a variety of brands and influence millions of people worldwide.

Fashion, beauty, interiors


Elise Joseph is a Nashville-based stylist, art director and creative consultant. She created the Pennyweight blog in 2009 as a means of documenting inspirations and sharing visual stories. Elise has collaborated with leading brands such as Kinfolk Magazine, Madewell, West Elm, Steven Alan, Urban Outfitters, Topshop, Gap and Warby Parker. She's been featured in InStyle Magazine, The Sartorialist, Refinery29, Design*Sponge, WhoWhatWear.com and Southern Living, and has been invited to speak on various fashion panels around the country.

Her meticulously-curated online outlets pull together both established and emerging designers in fashion, interiors, art and photography. In addition to her work online, Elise also hosts innovative pop-up events throughout each year. Her marketing, branding and social media expertise has helped launch and develop an array of fashion and lifestyle companies.

DIY, crafts, food/recipes, holidays, kids


This millennial mom has become the authority both on and off Pinterest for recipes, crafts, and home décor on a budget. Jamielyn’s kid-friendly content is a huge hit with not only her 4M+ Pinterest followers, but with the 3 million monthly visitors of her popular blog I Heart Nap Time. A true creative in the kitchen, craft room and beyond, her fun yet simple style makes it easy for her audience to get inspired and start creating.

Brands who want to reach a captive audience of moms will find the perfect partner in Jamielyn and her incredibly loyal, engaged fan base. After all, millions of women count on her for help with everything from DIY holiday decorations to easy dinner ideas to homemade gifts for teachers. Jamielyn’s unique crafts have been featured on Fox, ABC, The Huffington Post and more. Her reach extends to Twitter and Instagram, where she has 13k and 24k followers, respectively.


An interior designer by trade, Ieva has cultivated an unmistakable style that makes her a favorite among brands that seek a modern, super chic aesthetic. This photographer, designer and DIY enthusiast gets inspiration from simplicity, gravitating towards neutral color palettes and Scandinavian design. Ieva’s signature style—soft, feminine and minimal with a little bit of glam thrown in for good measure—is perfectly reflected in her beautifully curated Pinterest boards. She’s built a loyal audience of more than 1.5 million people, who look to her for fresh inspiration in everything from beauty and fashion to home décor and product design. Ieva visually elevates every brand she partners with through consistently sophisticated photography and style.

Cooking, DIY, home, entertaining, holiday


Best known as Tidy Mom to her 240,000 Pinterest followers and 1.2 million monthly blog visitors, Cheryl is a true Wonder Woman when it comes to all things domestic. She’s on a mission to share easy recipes, household tips, crafts and products that help women ease the chaos of everyday life. Cheryl’s content is both imaginative and practical, appealing to moms worldwide and making her a bona fide celebrity in the social media world.

Cheryl contributes to a long list of established craft, home and food sites, has regular speaking engagements, and has partnered with brands such as KitchenAid, Dole, Tropicana, Pier 1, Hilton Hotel, Whirlpool, Le Creuset and many more. Her professional quality photography makes her the perfect brand partner; she even teaches other bloggers how to improve their content with tutorials on everything from lighting tips to food styling techniques.

DIY/crafts, women's fashion, home


Rachel’s Pinterest following of over 2.4 million is hooked on her eye for all things pretty and feminine – she is, after all, the founder of Lovely Clusters, also known as “The Pretty Blog”. One look at her Pinterest page reveals her penchant for vintage styles, pastel hues and romantic details. Rachel’s reputation as a connoisseur in vintage and handmade markets has landed her features in publications like Romantic Homes, Gatherings Magazine, Bespoke and The Huffington Post. Her love of crafts inspires her own DIY tutorials, always crowd favorites among her fans on Pinterest.

Interior design, men's fashion, travel, fitness, food, entertaining, holiday


Also known as Mr. Bazaar, Will is the popular personality behind the lifestyle blog Bright Bazaar. He infuses his signature “make you smile style” into everything he does, from recipes to home décor to fashion and more. Will’s cheerful aesthetic and unabashed love of color has earned him more than 2.5 million Pinterest followers (the most-followed influencer in the U.K.!) and an Instagram audience of 30,000+.

Will’s first book, Bright Bazaar: Embracing Color for Make You Smile Style, chronicles vibrant interior design from around the world and was praised by everyone from Jonathan Adler to West Elm to Publishers Weekly. His designs have been featured in Oprah Magazine, Elle, HGTV, House Beautiful and many more. Will’s gorgeous content around travel, fitness, entertaining, home décor, DIY, recipes and men’s style gets consistently impressive results on all of his social channels, making him one of the most-requested influencers to partner with brands on Pinterest.

Weddings, outdoors, travel, men & women's fashion, products, interior design, entertaining


Keegan is a Minneapolis-based photographer and designer who is the “gentleman” half of Gentleman & A Lady, the wedding and portrait photography studio he runs with his wife Kelsey. His Pinterest account has a decidedly masculine edge, with boards about men’s clothing, accessories and hairstyles, but his sense of style extends to women’s fashion, interior and graphic design, and food.

This wide range of interests is all tied together by Keegan’s signature aesthetic and photographer’s eye, which one can immediately ascertain by a mere glance at his meticulously curated pin boards. Recognized as one of the top male Pinterest influencers and often recommended as a “Pinner To Follow” by food and outdoor publications, Keegan has earned himself a loyal and growing Pinterest audience of nearly 690,000

Men and women's fashion, home decor, travel, products


Paul is living proof that Pinterest can be manly—this Brooklyn dad is a world explorer who takes his love of interior design one step further by building furniture in his spare time (and not the kind that comes with instructions). His style is modern and playful, combining bold shapes and colors that are unexpected and visually engaging. Paul has professional design experience in print, publication, digital and even museum design, and his work has been featured on a number of well-respected design sites. His skillful eye for design is apparent on his Pinterest page, which features a cool collection of visually striking boards followed by nearly 450,000 people. Paul produces original content for brands that is as visually compelling and high-quality as his impeccably curated pins, styling and photographing everything from the ultra-masculine (men’s old-school shaving products) to pretty and feminine (women’s jewelry).


After 7 yrs as a graphic designer, Chris put his natural creativity to a more hands-on use when he decided to pursue a career in the culinary arts. After studying pastry and baking at Cambridge School of Culinary Arts, he worked as a professional baker and pastry chef for three years. His strong background in graphic design gave him the ability to experiment with his culinary work by mixing a variety unconventional textures and flavors to achieve unique and original recipes. Through his blog, My Life with Food, he curates a variety of recipes ranging from refined bourbon cocktails to more unconventional treats such as a salty sweet popcorn cake. His creative take on his recipes makes him a premier choice for food brands looking for refreshing take on their product which is why he's collaborated with established brands such as Seattle's Best, Skippy Peanut Butter and Hilshire Farms. He has even taste tested recipes for Joanne Chang's second cookbook, whom is Pastry Chef and Owner of the well known Flour Bakery + Cafe in Boston.

Products, kids, food, DIY


Jessica is a woman of many talents - she is a mother, product designer, blogger, Pinterest connoisseur and content creator. She is constantly on the hunt for cleverly designed products, and appreciates carefully planned designs in everything from big brand items to niche artisan pieces. Jessica shares her daily findings of unique product designs on her blog, A Designer Life, as well as her Pinterest, which has a following of almost 2 million. With a playful, vibrant, colorful and slightly quirky style, Jessica creates fresh content that delights her audience every time. Her deep understanding of what makes content shareable and her highly versatile aesthetic makes her a highly sought after partner for a wide variety of brands.

Fashion & beauty, kids, interior design


A former art director/stylist in Los Angeles, Erin Loechner has been blogging and speaking for more than a decade and has garnered a loyal, design-loving following of over 1 million for her blog Design For Mankind. Now nestled in a Midwestern town, her heartfelt writing and design work has been showcased in a variety of publications (The New York Times, Glamour, Lucky, Parenting, Dwell, Marie Claire, Elle Decor, Huffington Post) and in a 2-year/24-episode web show on HGTV.com. A wife, mother and sought-after public speaker, Erin has appeared in renowned international events for clients such as Walt Disney World, IKEA, Martha Stewart and Home Depot. Erin produces light, bright and impeccably styled content across all social platforms, including Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube.

Gardening, DIY, entertaining, holidays


Filled with colorful boards that convey her love of nature, crafts and country living, Holly’s Pinterest account is just as warm and welcoming as her home in rural Georgia. Over 975,000 people regularly turn to this mother of four for everything from gardening tips to DIY projects to holiday decorating ideas. More than just a fan of crafting, Holly herself is a master crafter who can whip up a homemade Christmas wreath as easily as she can create a colorful tutorial on the 10 ways you can repurpose a Mason jar. Her real-life Southern charm, “everyday feminine” aesthetic, and impressive DIY skills have turned Holly into one of the most relatable influencers on the platform.


Jodi is a self taught photographer and designer from New York City whose free spirited and inspiring work has been featured in multiple print publications and published into two books, New York: A Photographic Album and Focus: Letters. Her vibrant Pinterest page is animated with a palette of bright hues and alluring designs ranging from lovely home interiors with pops of color to crafty DIY projects. With such a stunning eye for color and design, Jodi is a favorite among brands looking for eye-catching and beautiful content catered towards young millennials, families, travelers, and avid DIY crafters. A mother of one, Jodi also specializes in kid-friendly content and crafts. Her well thought out Pinterest page has even earned her the spot as one of the top influential NYC pinners by the New York Post and the Design Editor blog.


With a background in textile design (Anthropologie, Nordstrom, & Blissliving Home) and an obsession for sharing discoveries and stories with others (favorite products, favorite recipes, favorite dates-gone-wrong), it was no surprise that when Joanna Hawley launched her lifestyle blog Jojotastic, it was an instant hit. Her readers are addicted to Joanna's collections of runway-fresh fashion, inspiring modern-but-modest home interiors, and even her addiction to donuts.

A well-established style influencer across multiple platforms, Joanna was one of the first Pinterest users (with 4 million followers to prove it). Known for her raw honesty — this isn’t just another blog with pretty photos and flawless stories — Joanna seeks to inspire readers to live their truest lives. Joanna’s work has been featured in national outlets such as Oh Joy!, Design for Mankind, Clementine Daily, and and Anthology Magazine, where she was an online editor for three years. Recent Jojotastic brand collaborations include Gap, Ziploc, Pottery Barn, Urban Outfitters, and Airbnb.

Outdoors, men's fashion, travel, auto, tech


Luke is an avid traveler, extreme sports junkie and motorcycle aficionado who shares the manlier side of Pinterest with his 880,000+ followers. His unique Pinterest boards – which cover topics like camping, tech gadgets, men’s fashion, autos, and sports – have landed him features in Men’s Journal, Mashable, Marie Claire and even Pinterest’s own blog. Luke chronicles his adventures on his photography blog, and while he primarily features stunning travel shots, he also produces beautiful content centered on products and interiors. Men’s brands have the perfect partner in Luke, whose masculine aesthetic has made him one of the Top 10 most followed men on Pinterest.

Food & drink, entertaining, holiday, portraits


Sarah is the self-taught baker behind The Vanilla Bean Blog, a renowned food blog that features her trademark photography; minimalist yet beautifully styled. Her recipes are decadent and inspired – think banana doughnuts with peanut butter glaze and buttermilk cake with rhubarb buttercream and cardamom – and have gotten her more than 238,000 Pinterest followers and an Instagram audience of more than 34,000.

Sarah’s combination of gorgeous photography and delectable dessert recipes earned her the award for Best Baking and Desserts Blog from Saveur’s 2014 Best Food Blog Awards, as well as a spot on PBS' List of Best Food Blogs of 2014. She’s also been featured in The New York Times, Food & Wine, Huffpost Taste, The Today Show, Mashable and more. A true culinary artist, Sarah is the perfect partner for any food brand that wants to show their products in a genuinely beautiful light.

Food, interiors, design


John, an interior designer and photographer, is a powerhouse in sustainable design. His aesthetic is a creative blend of contrasting yet compatible styles, mixing traditional masculinity with muted color tonalities, textures and considered details. John persistently incorporates depth and complexity in his work, resulting in content that goes far beyond the norm. John's work and words on design can be seen in publications such as Interior Design, Fast Company, GB+C magazine and awards from organizations such as USGBC, IIDA, ASID, and Antron. He currently serves as the director and curator for Modern Atlanta's “Design is Material” exhibition, exploring new and bold philosophies and research in material design and fabrication.

Fashion, products


Sara is a multifaceted creative whose artistic background covers various aspects of design including illustration, photography, fashion, and graphic design. She embraces mixing non-traditional colors, patterns, and textures to create something that is distinctive to her unique style. With her refreshing and quirky aesthetic, Sara is easily a brand favorite for original and animated content. In fact, Sara spent the last 10 years designing greeting cards for some of the world's largest card companies, such as Hallmark. Her Pinterest page serves as a creative outlet for her to express her unique artistic interests and inspirations ranging from character illustration to steam punk fashion. With Sara's contagiously fun style, it's no surprise that she has gained a loyal following of 2.9M Pinterest users. Her blog, Bleed in Colors, is another place where she documents her artwork, fashion, and homemade treats and projects.


Originally from South Africa, Shayla is a graphic designer and photographer currently living in Utah. She uses travel as her main source of inspiration, and is often on the road both for her role as Skullcandy’s Production Designer and for visiting family. Whether it’s somewhere across the globe or a camping spot an hour away, a change in scenery always fuels her quest to be creative and share it with others.

Shayla has a simple and effortlessly cool style with a twist of tomboy. Her 3M+ Pinterest followers adore her edgy boards that cover everything from unique style finds to breathtaking photography to an eclectic collection of skulls. Shayla’s girly yet gritty aesthetic produces in consistently fresh content that resonates strongly with her young and trendy audience.

Beauty, women's fashion, art


Myan is a true creative powerhouse, filling the roles of UX/graphic designer, jewelry designer, and creative manager. She spends her days creating beautiful, cutting-edge apps for the likes of P. Diddy, HSN, E! Online and DailyCandy. In fact, her recent app design for Glasses.com was a winner in the Communications Arts Magazine Interactive Annual in 2014. It’s on this solid design foundation that Myan has built her visually stunning Pinterest account, which is followed by close to 430,000 people. Influenced by Japanese and Scandinavian design, her style is minimal but substantial, merging geometric shapes and bold composition with a playful twist. Myan turns out consistently cool, edgy and professional quality images for brands through her Pinterest collaborations, making her a client favorite when it comes to original content creation.


Marla Meridith is many things: Recipe creator, food stylist and photographer. She’s also the woman behind Family Fresh Cooking, a popular food blog that was recognized as one of the Top Health Conscious Blogs by Babble and was a finalist in Saveur’s 2013 Best Blog Awards. Marla’s original recipes have been featured in Bon Appetit, Betty Crocker, The Huffington Post, Parenting Magazine and more. She has also appeared on Better TV to share such recipes with viewers. Her success in the blogging world is mirrored by her popularity on social media, with almost 24,000 Instagram followers and over 586,000 followers on Pinterest.

This mother of two creates easy to follow and kid-friendly recipes (minus the occasional cocktail!), which she styles and photographs in an unexpectedly sophisticated way. This unique combination of relatable and refined makes Marla a hit with cooks – especially moms! – of all different tastes and experience levels. She’s also known for giving her recipes a healthy twist, with many gluten-free and vegan creations.


Jenny is a mom, cookbook author and creator of the wildly popular food blog Picky Palate. Her family-style recipes are geared to please even the pickiest of eaters, and her cheerful food photography makes the kitchen a better place for even the greenest of cooks. Her nearly 200,000 Pinterest followers can’t get enough of her original recipe pins for things like peanut butter and jelly blueberry banana muffins and pumpkin pie smoothies.

Jenny’s creations are kid friendly and fun, but her cooking skills are serious: this mother of three has been featured on CNN, HGTV, Oprah.com, Huffington Post, The LA Times, The Cooking Channel and more. She’s won multiple cooking competitions, including the Southern Living Cook-Off, three Ultimate Recipe Showdowns on Food Network, and the Pilsbury bakeoff – to name a few. Her highly shareable food photography is not only popular with her Pinterest audience, but also with her 23,000 Twitter followers and 30,000 Instagram followers.

Food & drink, home, product, entertaining, women's fashion


Beth is a stylist, photographer, writer and recipe developer who is as well known among her fellow social media influencers as she is with her 220,000+ Pinterest followers, thanks to her breathtaking photography and popular food blog Local Milk. Her photos – primarily of her own impeccably styled recipes and social gatherings – feature her signature use of natural light and attention to even the smallest of details. It’s no wonder she won both Editor’s Choice and Reader’s Choice for Best Photography in Saveur’s 2014 best Food Blog Awards, as well as a spot on PBS' List of Best Food Blogs of 2014.

A Tennessee native, Beth travels the world teaching workshops that cover everything from floral arrangement to food styling, and she co-hosts Southern-inspired gatherings with brands like Free People and Kinfolk Magazine. Whether she’s partnering with a brand focused on food, paint, women's fashion, or cookware, Beth produces consistently spectacular work that brings a unique sophistication and beauty to the subject at hand. Her popularity extends to Instagram, where she’s followed by more than 93,000 people.

Women's fashion, products, events, travel, tech


Mai is an Atlanta based photographer and videographer whose Pinterest-perfect style has earned her over 1 million followers. She is one of the best when it comes to understanding what content works well on the platform, regularly producing some of the top results for brand partners in their Pinterest campaigns.

Mai’s quirky aesthetic, penchant for thinking outside the box, and background in graphic design gives her the unique ability to partner with a wide range of clients. She’s a rare breed of influencer who is able to produce content for everyone from mainstream fast-fashion brands to eccentric, niche product lines – while remaining true to her personal style and getting consistently top-level engagement on Pinterest. This combination of authenticity and diversity helps Mai reach a wide and varied audience in categories ranging from food to fashion to tech, and everything in between.

Design, decor


Amy Sia is a London-based fashion and textile print designer who is constantly drawn to all things bohemian and colorful. She shows off her eclectic style on her Pinterest account, inspiring her followers with displays of beautiful prints, paintings and patterns. Amy is the owner and designer of her eponymous luxury accessories label, a collection of scarves and cushions that she uses as canvases to showcase her signature style of painterly artwork in eye-popping colors. Her dreamy prints have been featured in Homes and Garden UK, The Times UK, Apartment Therapy and Refinery 29. She has also collaborated with top-notch brands such as Nordstrom, Anthropologie Europe, Victoria’s Secret, ASOS, Urban Outfitters and Topshop.


Christy is a true force to be reckoned with - this mother of five is a recipe developer, photographer and author of her own cookbook. She and her mouthwatering recipes have been featured by Betty Crocker, Pilsbury, Hershey's, Reese's, Buzzfeed, Woman's Day, The Huffington Post, Shari's Berries, LaurenConrad.com, Grilled Magazine, CafeMom, Delish.com, Redbook Magazine, Country Living, GoodHousekeeping.com and Parenting.com.

Christy's blog, The Girl Who Ate Everything, is a collection of many simple but clever food ideas, many of which have gone viral on Pinterest (like her now-famous individual 7-layer dip cups or peanut butter "cheese" ball). Her popularity is evidence by her huge social following: more than 2.1 million people visit her blog every month, her Facebook page has over 180,000 likes and she has more than 137,000 Pinterest followers.


With a soft spot for all things sweet and colorful, Sam is the whimsical party expert and eccentric mastermind behind The Frosted Petticoat, a one-of-a-kind wedding and party-planning blog. She lives by the mantra “Life with a dash of whimsy”, and encourages her followers that if torn between fun and style to always choose both! Her vibrant personality and whimsical-chic aesthetic is reflected in her colorful Pinterest boards and beautifully designed blog. Sam collaborates regularly with brands such as Marchesa, Monique Lhuillier, and J.Crew, and has been named top pinner by The Huffington Post, Racked and Shape Magazine.

Entertaining, recipes, kids, crafts


Jillian is an avid lover of parties and the founder of Catch My Party, a premier party planning blog with an endless collection of ideas and inspiration for every occasion imaginable. From Star Wars themed kid’s parties to elegant Mother’s Day brunches, Jillian has every novice party planner covered with original recipes, DIY projects, printables, decor, and more. Her cheerful, colorful, and easy-enough-anyone-can-do-it ideas have earned her a loyal following across social media, including almost 300,000 Pinterest followers, 35,000 Instagram followers and a Facebook audience of over 100,000.


Victoria is the editor of sfgirlbybay, one of the west coast's leading interior design blogs and online favorite of independent designs since 2006. Her incredibly loyal and engaged audience is made up of top magazine editors, industry professionals and even celebrities (including Oprah Winfrey and Martha Stewart)! The blog has a daily readership of more than 25,000, and more than 20,000 rss readers.

Victoria has produced photo shoots for major advertising agencies and publications such as Architectural Digest, Bon Appetit and House & Garden. She''s been a guest pinner for Martha Stewart Living, was named one of the Top 20 Interior Bloggers by the Telegraph U.K., and has been featured in Elle Decor, The New York Times Magazine, Lucky Magazine, Forbes and The San Francisco Chronicle - to name just a few.

Illustration, food, lifestyle, beauty


Jade’s expansive background in fine arts and design is apparent in everything she does, from her popular Instagram account that showcases her illustration work, to the blog she runs with her husband. Appropriately named Endlessly Enraptured, their blog is a beautiful culmination of their interests, from fashion to food to art. Jade is always open to new challenges in the realm of art and design and has teamed up with a wide range of collaborators, including Nordstrom, E! Network, Patron, Food & Wine Magazine and Laura Mercier. She has also won a number of design competitions, including the 2014 Diet Coke & New York Fashion Week “You’re On” contest. Her photography utilizes an abundance of natural light which further highlights her trademark style - classic and elegant with a mix of modern influences. Aside from her professional work, Jade has an affinity for beauty products, fashion, instant film, and vintage dresses.


Izy is a multi-talented food blogger who fulfills the role of writer, photographer, and stylist for all the content on her popular blog, Top with Cinnamon. With her meticulously curated food photography and original recipes, Top with Cinnamon is the go-to source for the most delectable sweet and savory food fixes. Izy's wide range of recipes include many gluten free and vegan options as well. Her beautiful food photographs and recipes have earned recognition from celebrity chefs such as Jamie Oliver and Gizzie Erskine, and the media has taken notice as well: Izy was named the 'new Nigella' by The Times in 2014, one of the top London-based Instagram foodies to follow by The Standard in 2015, and one of the three 'fresh new faces' of baking by BBC GoodFood Mag in 2015. Her first cookbook, Top With Cinnamon, was published by Hardie Grant in September 2014 to rave reviews.


As a photographer and fashion blogger, Taylr Anne’s clean, fresh aesthetic has inspired thousands of loyal followers across the world. She has been so prominently recognized that Instagram featured her account multiple times as a Suggested User and account you should follow. Originally started as a personal project to collect inspiring visuals, Taylr Anne’s Instagram and blog have transformed into an international platform and source for those seeking minimalistic lifestyle inspiration. Taylr Anne's travels have influenced her sense of style, which seamlessly mixes bohemian flare with modern minimalism. She has collaborated with companies such as Levi’s, Madewell, Line & Dot, and Roxy and has been featured in publications such as Elle UK and Surf Girl Magazine.

Beauty, women's fashion


A Los Angeles native with a degree in Interior Design, Cristina’s eye for all things beautiful goes beyond dazzling décor – her real influence lies in her signature girly-glam style pins. Her step-by-step makeup tutorials, street-style ensembles and hairstyle ideas are wildly popular on Pinterest, earning her 680,000 followers. Cristina’s consistently on-trend content appeals to a cool, youthful audience that can’t get enough of her nail art how-to’s, makeup tips and outfit inspiration.


Trisha is the woman behind Eat Your Beets, a website dedicated to wholesome & easy family friendly recipes. She's earned a reputation for recipes around gluten-free, nutritious food that still allows for occasional sweet treats - a balanced and achievable approach to healthy eating that's earned her a legion of devoted followers across social media.

An avid traveler, Trisha and her husband love taking their four children on adventures and believe the best way to truly experience any new place is through their stomachs! Trisha teaches others the art of food photography through in-person workshops and her book Eat Pretty Things. Her visual approach to food has caught the eye of Whole Foods, The Huffington Post and the feedfeed blog, and she's even graced the cover of Edible Omaha twice! In addition to her blog, Trisha provides daily food inspiration to her active Instagram community of over 100,000.


Sonja and Alex are the dynamic husband and wife duo behind A Couple Cooks, a blog devoted to inspiring and educating everyday at-home chefs about the joys of cooking wholesome and nutritious foods. In addition to their healthy approach to food, they are also advocates of sustainable farming and green living -- it's their belief that healthy meals start with a healthy planet. Their work has been featured in Huffington Post, Food52, People.com, Williams-Sonoma, BuzzFeed, The Kitchn and many others. They were recently named as one of Better Homes and Gardens Top 10 Food Blogs of 2015 and Huffington Post’s 10 Healthy Food Blogs. In addition, they write a series called Healthy + Whole, where they provide online resources on how to cook and eat a whole foods diet, become connected to your community, and care for others around you and the environment.

Travel, nature, weddings, portraits


Alex is a freelance photographer who believes that photography and traveling are an essential part of storytelling. Much of his inspiration stems from his travels to Nordic countries and the captivating wilderness and cities he encounters there. Alex has dedicated his life to documenting the natural wonders of the world, and his reputation as an accomplished travel photographer has allowed him to collaborate with a variety of travel and lifestyle brands such as Visit Sweden, Visit Finland, Skyscanner, Radisson Blu Life, Courtyard by Mariott, Scandic hotels, Lenovo and many others. His trademark dreamy style extends to his wedding photography as well, producing truly original and breathtaking work for couples worldwide.

Travel, weddings, fashion


Anastasia is an avid traveler, photographer and an editor of a lifestyle column in Veter Magazine. Her hugely popular Instagram account tells visual stories of the places she's seen and the experiences she's encountered, ranging from breathtaking shots of her visit to the Faroe Islands to charming photos of her favorite local bakery. Her rustic and elegant style paired with her adventurous spirit makes her a versatile choice for a variety of collaborations, ranging from fashion to travel to lifestyle. She's worked with many prominent brands such as Asos, Levis, Panasonic, Visit Swedin, Radisson Blu Life, and Scandic hotels. In addition, Anastasia and her husband, Alex, work as freelance wedding photographers for their blog, Near the Lighthouse, and can often be found traveling to the most beautiful places on Earth.


Joann Pai is a food & lifestyle photographer who has journeyed all over the world in search of new experiences in food, travel, and art. With a keen eye for form and an eclectic aesthetic that is a well balanced mix of a modern, dramatic and rustic, Joann creates a unique visual experience that is both mesmerizing and sensible. She started taking photographs as a way to document small moments in life, mostly surrounding food, and continues to explore how food brings people together and keeps them connected. She has worked with culinary clients such as Beaucoup Bakery, Homer St. Cafe, and Tableau Bar & Bistro. She has also been featured in notable publications such as Forbes, The Telegraph, and Buzzfeed as one of the top food Instagram accounts in the world. More recently, she was named B.C Photographer of the Month by Huffington Post. In addition, Joann co-founded Acorn Mag, a collaborative food culture magazine focused on telling visual stories about culinary artisans.

Fashion, beauty


Los Angeles resident, jewelry designer and fashion blogger Jess Hannah is known for her casual, minimalist and modern style. Her clean, mostly monochromatic aesthetic inspires hundreds of thousands of loyal followers across her social media accounts, and she's collaborated with brands such as Lululemon, Club Monaco and Loeffler Randall. With a penchant for soft materials and menswear details, Jess's fashion picks all reflect her undeniable "cool-girl" vibe -- a style that's landed her in publications such as Racked, POPSUGAR, Refinery29 and WhoWhatWear.

Design, decor


Amy Sia is a London-based fashion and textile print designer who is constantly drawn to all things bohemian and colorful. She shows off her eclectic style on her Pinterest account, inspiring her followers with displays of beautiful prints, paintings and patterns. Amy is the owner and designer of her eponymous luxury accessories label, a collection of scarves and cushions that she uses as canvases to showcase her signature style of painterly artwork in eye-popping colors. Her dreamy prints have been featured in Homes and Garden UK, The Times UK, Apartment Therapy and Refinery 29. She has also collaborated with top-notch brands such as Nordstrom, Anthropologie Europe, Victoria’s Secret, ASOS, Urban Outfitters and Topshop.

Fashion & beauty

Andrea Lublin

Andrea is an freelance stylist and wardrobe consultant with an exceptional talent for curating styles that are effortlessly chic, creative and polished. Her trademark style is often described as "sophisticated and classic with a touch of edge", while always striving to remain relatable. She is constantly on top of latest trends and has the unique ability to blend high and low end price points to create polished, yet attainable looks. In addition to her own acumen for impeccable style, Andrea has a background working for shows E! and The Style Network as a Talent Manager booking top fashion/beauty editors, stylists, makeup and hair artists. Whether Andrea is creating an everyday look or an elegant evening attire, her ultimate goal is to make her clients feel great and look amazing. With a life-long eye for fashion, she has always understood the strong relationship between feeling good on the inside and looking good on the outside.

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